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The Parish Council is the level of local government in Telford & Wrekin nearest to the people. The old parishes were formed at a time when there was little difference, to the local people, between the Church and the State. A parish like Hadley usually formed around a village or other small community and used to be Apley Woodscentred around the Parish Church. In the late 1800s Church and State separated but the same area is now represented as a local authority by the Hadley & Leegomery Parish Council, whilst the Church of England is represented by the Parochial Church Council.

The Parish Council has many powers and some duties. An example of a power is the one that allows the purchase and operation of street lighting. One duty requires the council to open its meetings to the press and public, with few exceptions. The Parish Council manages local amenities in Hadley and Leegomery and has a watching brief on local issues and its opinion is noted by those higher authorities in matters concerning them such as local planning issues.